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Lilith ~ Spirit of the Air, The Dark Moon & The Wisdom of The Womb

The first of the recorded stories of the Myths of Lilith date back to the times of Sumeria, around 4000 BC. She is honored as the “hand of Innana” who was the granddaughter of Ninlil, who was the “Queen of Heaven.” Lilith was one of the young virgin maidens, a priestess and holy woman of the temple. The legend of Innana is that Innana offered the wisdom of sacred sexual customs as a gift to the people who came to the temple to worship the Goddess. Lilith was the “hand of Innana” who would gather the men for the holy rites.

Thousands of years later, as the patriarchy began to set in, Lilith began to carry the distortion of the repression and demonization of all things feminine. The Temples of Sacred Sexual Love were destroyed, and the innate power and wisdom of the feminine was fiercely denied and personified as evil.

With the consciousness of the patriarchy well underway, we have next a story that is so imbued within the psyche of us all here today, as we still continue to work through the distortions and manipulations from our True Nature. In the Book of Genesis, Lilith is the first Wife of Adam. The first Man and Woman created at the same time, both from the same dust of the Earth. The story states that Adam assumed himself superior by being created from “finer” sediments of Earth and expected her to lie only beneath him. Lilith refused this repression of her true nature, and she chose to abandon the relationship and the security of the Garden, and she left to the caves of the Red Sea, where she is said to be cursed to a life of misery for leaving the conditions of the man and not consenting to her suppression.

Adam pleaded for another Wife, and Eve was created from out of the rib of Adam. She was portrayed in part in the image of a docile, obedient, non-threatening woman; a property of the man and for the advantage of man. And these are the images, the stories, beliefs and ideas that have been conditioning our relationships now for thousands of years.

This is Lilith – the Rejected Feminine coming home now to the safety of the Nest. She is the Symbol of the Owl, her name means “Screech” and she is the Moon Goddess who represents the cyclical process of birth, death, and regeneration. She has come now (Lilith in Cancer) to our doorstep, and we stand waiting, wanting to welcome her because it is time. Time to feel into the Mysterious Wisdom within. Lilith teaches this. Cancer is the dark of night, and she has arrived here. Cancer is the past, our ancestors, and our lineage. In this process of honoring that which has been, we can be released to move forward.

She is calling out into the night now to come down from the mind and into the body, into the emotional body, and feel. Feelings are our dynamic reality. They are made up of the energy of Life and contain Wisdom. In acknowledging and recognizing all that we feel, we can know ourselves and discover our fullness.

Lilith speaks of total equality and will not deny her essential values, beliefs or ideals. She stands for independence and radiates strength, courage, and passion. Having the capacity to nurture and sustain herself, she will voluntarily exile herself from relatedness, if she feels suppressed in anyway.

The True Lilith has returned to our consciousness, and we are no longer holding her captive in the dark corners of our unconscious as the inherited negative false images of the dark aspect of the feminine.

This place where we close our eyes and enter in, has been robbed of us, violated, and removed from our privilege. And now again, we see that it is time, and we are reclaiming what was lost and forgotten.

On June 21, 2013, the Sun conjuncts Lilith in Cancer. Lilith has just moved out of the mind sign of Gemini and into the emotions of Cancer, where it will remain through February 2014. The message is that The Divine Mother Goddess is here with us. The Rebel Goddess Lilith is merging with The Divine Mother in Cancer. Coming full circle, She begins again in the womb. The Spiral Dance continues as we journey into the core, where there is Tenderness and Power, and we are alive with the Inspiration that creates Life. We create from out of the space of our wombs, so we must nurture this place with Love, and Support, and Acknowledgement. This core of our being, the wombs from which we come are ready to be honored. The Mother is ready to be honored. The Feminine is ready to be honored, recognized, supported and acknowledged.

For us all to be able to fully honor the Feminine, it is not wholly possible without being in full honor, recognition, support, and acknowledgement of the Masculine. We are ONE created with and from each other, two aspects of the same consciousness. We must honor both aspects equally within ourselves if we are to reflect that upon each other.

These are the lessons we are having, the imbalances of the Masculine and Feminine up against the potential resolution into Harmony of this. The rejected Feminine within us shows up in our lives and we ask her to be what we have rejected out of us, to fill the void within we ourselves have created, and to take responsibility for our self-created in-completeness. And in turn, we reject our own Masculine and find a Man to play out that role for us. Until we lose that which is most dear to us – outside of us, and finally find ourselves searching inward now for what has been lost – our rejected selves.

Lilith is the one who has carried for all of us the projected shadow of the cast out Divine Goddess. When Lilith is prominent in your astrological chart, you feel this archetype powerfully, and you are the voice of Lilith. You are working strongly with the exiled, powerful, mysterious, feminine nature. There is anger, rage, rebellion, freedom, strength, independence, sensuality, magic, and the mystical connection to life wild to be reclaimed. The process can look like experiencing aspects of your Self that have been rejected or not wanted, then you yourself rejecting or not want those very aspects of yourself for the sake of being “accepted”, and finally coming to a place of rebellion towards that which suppresses the Spirit, which initiates a stance for standing in one’s full Truth, full Power and full Beauty in wholeness.

Through this cycle we have now just begun, with Lilith in Cancer, we will be ushered deep into the hidden caverns of ourselves, to meet with that which lies in the wombs of our beings longing to be loved.

Blessings on your journey to Love. 
Jessica Vikara Bourque

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