domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

some great full length, mind expanding documentaries

Catalyzing Change

There are many scientific facts about the origins of humanity, ancient texts, suppressed technologies, ancient artifacts, stone monuments, megalithic structures that most people are not aware of. There is much evidence of ancient advanced civilizations, thousands of years older than what is mainly believed.

Here are some great full length, mind expanding documentaries ranging from ancient cultures, hidden histories, hidden knowledge, spirituality, advanced technologies, ETs and similar subjects.

"Quest for a Lost Civilization"

"Ancient Knowledge"

"Legend of Atlantis":

"Decoding the Past" Edgar Cayce:



"Esoteric Agenda"

"The Quickening"

Zeitgeist 3(Newest)

The Venus Project


"The Return to One"

"Bleep do we know?"

"2012, Online Movie"

"Dawn of the Maya"

Kogi Tribe "Elder Brother's Warning"

Nostradamus "Secret Code"

Edgar Cayce "Atlantis Prophecies"

"The Black Hole" with Nassim Haramein

"The Pyramid Code"

"Advanced Ice Age Civiliations and Atlantis."

"Truth behind the Free Energy Lie"

NIkola Tesla, "The Untold Story "

Many millions have awoken, and many millions are awakening. Don't fall for the mainstream's reverse psychology and negativity as they portray humanity as completely ignorant with an average IQ of 6. There are thousands of great documentaries that have sneaked by all of us. Please make some of your own lists and I would love to check out!

(The list does not include lectures nor e-books. There are many more great films and more will be added!)Ver más— con Bernardo Segovia Jr, Isee Strings, Bec Lucas, Brandon Correa, Felicia Calabria, Kuldeep Doley, Deborah Meadows Ray y Sabrina Watrous.

Tessa Olsen

UFO Energy & Propulsion Theory - Dr. Tom Valone LIVE

Dr. Tom Valone's 28-year search for future energy and propulsion designs was ini...tiated by an

investigation into a UFO story, including a reproduced generator...
.Tessa Olsen

The Template 1

The Template is a holonomic model of transcendence; a journey of remembrance, fo...

rgiveness, resurrection and ultimately transcendence of the dualistic mortal ...

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