miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Photo ©2012 Patti Ramos

This photo of mine has gone viral again. The deeper I track the "shares" and "likes", it is adding up to thousands, or more! Phew! What a bummer I'm not receivi...ng compensation for this photo. I could seriously retire! :-)

The next step is, Facebook sooner than later deletes the photo because it reveals a beautiful baby with an INCREDIBLE expression and gorgeous alert eyes, half-born between her mother's legs - wayyyyy too graphic for Facebook standards. However, as you scroll down the many Facebook posts throughout each and every day, you will most assuredly see photo after photo of graphic violence, nudity with a sexual intent, bloody war images and even death.

After this photo gets deleted, and the poster receives their slap on the hand and a warning - someone else finds the photo, posts it on their wall and the process starts all over again.

P.S. This photo has NOT been photoshopped or altered in any way.

Photo ©2012 Patti Ramos Photography - Please, if you share the photo, include my copyright and link to my photography page. Thank you.

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