sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013

Through my journey I have learned that I am not perfect and its ok to grow from one mistakes. I have learned that others will try to judge you, but only the Great Spirit can do so. I have learned that to open my heart may hurt, but it is the Great Spirit that heals. I have learned that my faults are lessons learned and taught to others. I have learned that no human being is reliable if they do not believe they are so. I have learned to trust what is good. I have learned that running from a problem will only make others suffer. I have learned to bring others before me, open my arms to them and allow them to share my abundance. I have learned I am still learning. I have learned that what I have learned from my elders I must share with the young. I have learned that being selfish does not make me better, it makes me weaker. In my journey, I have learned that to grieve is not selfish. To grieve is a way of passing. It is a way of growth. Allowing the loved one to move on, the heart that grieves, takes time to heal through its grief. I have learned many things on my journey, and I will continue to open my heart, and my soul, so that my spirit will rest when it crosses over.
This is the road that was chosen for me, and it is a road I choose freely.

Art by Meadow Gist

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